Expertise and experience that exceed expectations.

With a strong tradition focused on communication and collaboration, DJM Consulting Engineering provides sustainable engineering solutions that align with our clients’ needs.

Our responsiveness and ability to adapt to the ever changing design and construction environment creates the right conditions for our team to continually succeed at the highest level.

Built on a tradition of personalized service with principal involvement from start to finish our work environment allows us to right-size our services for any project.

DJM offers a range of engineering design, consulting,
and client services that we can customize to meet any clients’ needs.

  • Committed to responsiveness and client collaboration throughout the project.
  • Lifelong learners with a passion for engineering.
  • Offering a wide range of engineering design and consulting services.
  • Providing sustainable, energy-efficient and environmentally responsible designs.
  • Licensure throughout the United States.
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